Life Coaching

Writing Your Own Life Manual

Show the world who you are without having to say a word. In this package we will work on helping you to find your "image voice" and confidence in who you are. No more masks - we’ll find your true self, and celebrate it! Shedding versions of ourselves that are not authentic takes time because transformations do not happen overnight. This investment in yourself will enhance your professional and personal life.

Let's chat to see if a life coaching package is the best fit for you.

Style Discovery

Empowering You From the Inside Out

In these sessions, we will begin with uncovering your authentic personality with some work, warmth, and deep insights about what makes you your fabulous self! This package is all about drilling down to your core strengths and uniqueness. Then - because when you feel good, you should look AMAZING - we will give your closet and wardrobe an overhaul and rediscovery tour. You’re going to feel like a new person, and your outside is going to match how you feel inside!



Personal Styling

Change Your Wardrobe, Change Your Outlook, Change Your Life

Do you look at your wadrobe and dislike what you see? A personal stylist can help give you the confidence to love what gives you joy in your closet, purge what is no longer serving you, and purchase the right pieces to enhance your look.

  • Discover what you want your style to be

  • Rediscover your current wardrobe

  • Purge clothes that do not make you feel good

  • Learn which shapes are flattering for you

  • Break previously held misconceptions

  • Shop for essential pieces