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I know ALL about losing your inner spark.

I was extremely good at doing whatever was asked of me. At work, I wore my lab coat, put my “Corporate Thea” mask on, and rose through the ranks rapidly.

At home, I switched into Mom-ing Mode. Did I mention my own side-hustle business as a stylist? Yep, also doing well.

It looked fantastic from the outside. Great at my job, loving and supportive family, the whole package! On the inside? Huge disconnect. I was feeling cold and distant and colorless as I molded myself into what I thought a I should be.


It was a comment from a coworker that sparked a change. “I’m glad you’re still fun on Facebook,” he told me.

Oof. His comment struck home! I didn’t want to lose the part of myself that was authentic - full of fun, color, and loosing the connection to who I really am. I quit my office job and poured myself into my own business and family life. Business goals? Let’s double - no - TRIPLE my sales! My clients were delighted! Motherhood? My kids gave me 5-star ratings!

But, you know what? Even with the changes,  I felt like I had lost my self-care manual. Somewhere along the way, while I brought joy into my customers lives with new looks, and nurtured my family - I forgot what *I* liked to do for fun. I had no idea how to take care of *myself*.

And I was tired. I felt stuck, and I needed someone to help.

Coaching help me create a new manual for my life and self care! I finally had the space and framework to be heard, back up, see the patterns, and have the tools to move forward. I’ve always been a forward-thinker and a doer, and I loved the way that coaching focuses on the future. I found my reset button, peeled back the layers to my original confidence and spark, and got my energy back. I’m doing even better than ever, and my masks went into the trash!

I want to help you create your own manual! If you’re feeling like your mask is uncomfortable, that your life has become colorless, and that your drive to succeed and take care of others has gotten you stuck and you are exhausted - I’m here to listen and help you get back to your colorful, successful, authentic self. Working with me will move you out of your rut. I’d love to chat with you about your own story - schedule a free sample session below!